Jaspers are a band from Milan, Italy. They have an exuberant and playful approach to music – and appearance on stage – which reflects how odd, weird and beautiful the world around us is.

Graphic Design

The band members all have stage alter-egos, and these characters are integrated into the artwork. The doctor and his illusion of omnipotence, the cavy and his relationship with the pain, the superhero and his excess dream ability, the machine and his little more latent humanity, the businessman and his conformism to the status quo, and the servant and his mania of order and control.

The mad city was present since the initial sketches. In a blend of surrealism and pixel art, this crowded snapshot of a somewhat familiar yet imaginary place is populated with lots of daily moments and a few easter eggs and internal jokes. Bold colours add to the already hyper-stimulating image and help bring all the scenes together.