LeMele – trad: TheApples
Formerly known as Mel@zeta (from +z – the undo keyboard shortcut before it became cmd+z), LeMele is a collective of illustrators from the Piedmont region. Formed after the uni days in Turin, the collective comes together to take part in themed exhibitions. Below are some of my illustrations for three shows.


Jules Verne

A series of covers for Jules Verne’s most influential books – which have shaped my imagination as a kid. I chose a geometric, abstract and minimalistic treatment heavily reliant on colours and created images that allow the viewers to get lost and imagine.

Federico Fellini

The collective took part in an exhibition that celebrated Federico Fellini and his work. Special attention was given to his Book of Dreams, where the director recorded his dreams over many years. Here’s my interpretation of one of the pages.

Alice in Wonderland

The collective helped a private collector to organise and set up an immersive exhibition that celebrated Alice in Wonderland and her huge collection of illustrated editions from all over the world. This is my interpretation of TweedleDee and TweedleDum as talking family portraits.