Downloadable short interactive magazines aimed to generate leads and subscriptions through projects and inspirations.

The idea was to push the current creative language and aesthetic to offer audiences exclusive access to a higher standard of content and position Sugru as a subject matter expert/provider of high-quality content.

Graphic Design
Art Direction

By demonstrating the versatility of the product we encouraged people to think more broadly about the way in which they can fix, create and improve things in their homes and empower people who were unfamiliar with Sugru to try the product with the confidence of an authoritative-looking set of instructions for projects.

We would also attract email sign-ups by targeting social media followers who had some familiarity with the brand giving the incentive to join the mailing list in exchange for access to the assets.

The page layout was developed with flexibility in mind. Regardless of the type of content, vertical, existing or bespoke imagery, these magazines can be built with consistency, allowing pages to be used across issues.

Tagged CTAs measure traffic to the website.