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Hi, I am Matteo.

For over a decade, unwilling to specialise in one field, I have moved across disciplines and roles within the creative industry, building technical knowledge and working on various projects with teams of all sizes. Design generalist is a good definition if you are looking for one.

Throughout my career, I realised that the best aspect of being a designer is immersing ourselves in different industries and realities and building extensive on-demand knowledge to inform our work. Additionally, these learnings are often relevant in entirely different contexts, a constant build-up – so handy. Love it!

In recent years I have become progressively more interested and involved in design management practices, having had the opportunity to lead a few complex projects (alongside contributing to many others) and experiencing first-hand the relationships and dynamics at play.

Currently based in London, I work full-time as Senior Brand Designer, mainly developing consumer brands & products.

When working, I like to:
  • Look at the bigger picture without sacrificing details
  • Develop & build ideas/projects/products over time
  • Ask questions
What I’m good at:
  • Thinking, rethinking, learning and developing
  • Looking for patterns, correlations and connection points
  • Seek solutions to problems, whether these exist or not
What I love:

My wife, kid and dog. Anything food-related. Typography. The outdoors. Photography. Cycling.